Running Outdoors

Training for an Event?

Receive coaching support throughout your training.

12-24 weeks 5km to ultra-marathon

Increase your chances of successfully completing your challenge, proud and injury free.

Choose 6 sessions for £300 – choose the sessions you want to add to your training plan.

Add your first training plan for an extra £50 (up to 12 weeks)

Add nutritional support to your training preparation and event day for £100

Client voice:

"I had the pleasure of working with Sarah from i-runyorkshire in order to enable me to complete the Great North Run. I have been suffering with Long-Covid and didn't think I'd be able to complete it, but with Sarah's tailored training plan, flexibility and strength exercises, which I followed diligently, I not only completed the run but achieved my target time too. I would highly recommend Sarah for anyone's training needs. Thank you."

Mix and match your coaching package to suit your needs.


What’s on offer:

Benchmarking (finding out your training needs)

·    Movement Screening and Injury Risk Analysis

·    VO2 max/Strength and Power Assessment

Run sessions

·    Pre-run warm-ups and technical analysis of running

·    Post run recovery and mobility

·    Hill training

·    Plyometrics and Speed

Strength and Conditioning

·    1:1 session to learn your own training session to do at home

·    Future sessions: Progress home strength training sessions