i-run Strong

Strength and Conditioning Coaching for Runners and Endurance events

The aim is to help you to become faster, stronger and more flexible, and to help you build the muscular endurance required to perform better and remain injury free.  Working with a coach can help bridge the gap between the theory of training and practical application. There are many ways a well-constructed programme can add to your training programme through injury prevention, speed, agility, endurance and strength or if you're out of action, through rehabilitation back to your sport.


Strength training also improves the technical skills involved in the movement patterns for your specific sport and enhances the specific strength qualities which underpin it. Research has demonstrated that not only does training improve performance; it also corrects areas where incorrect training may have been detrimental to performance gains. Training sessions are designed to improve mobility, flexibility, strength and balance with targeted injury prevention for your sport through which you will gain strong, healthy, active muscles, stronger core, hips and glutes, increased joint range of motion, happy lumbar spine = happy, healthy athlete!

Strength & Conditioning sessions will be tailored to  fit into your current training schedule in a way that is identified as best for you, with the flexibility to choose how much you commit financially to receiving support from your experienced coach. 


Where do I start?

One of the best ways to get started it to come for an initial assessment or a Functional Movement assessment that will provide you with lots of information about your bodies strengths and weaknesses. Functional Movement Screening (FMS) is a tool used to observe movement patterns and identify mobility and stability issues. The purpose of a movement screen is to identify any limitations or asymmetries that may increase your risk of injury. It's easy to be guided through and provides a great starting point for planning any targeted strength training programme.