i-run Injury Free

The aim: To keep you on your feet.

Aimed at runners with or without injury - the aim is to help runners achieve injury free running, through increases in strength, efficiency of movement and improved performance.

Designed to help you if you are struggling with an injury, hoping to return from injury or for those training and competing with that annoying niggle.

Initial Assessment will provide feedback to guide individual programme design which is targeted to strengthen areas of weakness that are identified as being prone to injury in the sport. 

Personalised programming will include;

  • Technique Coaching

  • Mobility and Flexibility 

  • Strength and Conditioning 

Input from a Sports Massage Therapist may also be beneficial for progressing from injury rehabilitation, depending on the level of injury. This is where our inhouse partnership with Sharron Stott at theflowstudio.co.uk can add the extra layer of care - collaboratively we can work together to get you back up and running.